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Wherever you’re at with your health, whether you know the reasons for your chronic symptoms or are still seeking a medical diagnosis, functional health coaching around your habits and lifestyle will empower you to take better care of yourself.

I can help you sustain lifestyle changes such as diet, sleep, and stress, to improve your symptoms and how you feel day to day, as you seek to maximize the impact of your medical treatments and handle medical procedures. I also have experience with mercury amalgam removal and health writing skills.

My clients have achieved positive changes around weight loss, commitment to exercise, improved sleep, increased meditative practices, and a deepened understanding of mind-body work. They have gotten new found diagnoses or treatment plans, and sought out better providers to really meet their needs.

As a certified functional health coach, having dealt with multiple issues myself, I can help you care for yourself better. We start by focusing on what’s most important to you.

Gifted Trauma

You always knew more than everybody else and they hated you for it You hid your talents when they only brought you trouble You questioned

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Like Russian Doll, a mistake within a mistake, trauma within trauma, suicide upon suicide, routine is killing me softly with its flaws.In my desire to

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Sybil Sanchez  Health Coach

A Guide for Your Health Journey

I am healing from the removal of seven mercury amalgam fillings. After a lifetime of chronic health issues, I have adopted an empowered, functional health approach to my self care. And I can help you do the same.

Healing my gut has done more for my mood and chronic inflammation than I ever imagined possible. With more emotional stability and physical energy to pursue what really mattered to me, I became an ADAPT certified functional health coach.