About Me

About Me

Sybil Sanchez  Health Coach

A Guide for Your Health Journey

I am healing from the removal of seven mercury amalgam fillings. After a lifetime of chronic health issues, I have adopted an empowered, functional health approach to my self care. And I can help you do the same.

I struggled for most of my life with chronic pain, a host of undiagnosed autoimmune symptoms, and anxiety and depression, which I’ve recently discovered are aspects of CPTSD. 

Along my path, I adopted a whole foods, ancestral traditions/Paleo lifestyle. Healing my gut continues to do more for my mood and chronic inflammation than I ever imagined possible.

With more emotional stability and physical energy to pursue what really mattered to me, I became an ADAPT certified functional health coach

I have learned how to manage my day to day self care to optimize my wellness and my outlook, no matter what’s going on, and I am now certified to help you do the same. 

Together we can help you transcend chronic health issues by anchoring your day to day choices in intentionality and wellness. 

You can read more about my career on LinkedIn and about my health writing skills here. You can also follow my personal writing on Medium.com.

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