Chronic Illness Support

From choosing a practitioner to deciding upon a treatment plan, health care is a challenge when you’re not feeling well.

Gone are the days that you can confidently just follow your doctor’s orders and know that your condition will be successfully, and comprehensively treated.

While indeed, we know that ‘Dr. Google’ makes terrible house calls, we also know the power of educated consumerism and lived experience.

As the old sayings go, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

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Yet, again, today’s world is not so simple. How do we know what the best forms of prevention are? And, well, that apple a day is not quite as good for you if it’s conventionally produced, now, is it?

So how do you navigate chronic illnesses without going down the wrong path and without earning a medical degree? Health care empowerment and decision making can be a process of deep research, resource gathering, and defining your priorities. 

Whether you’re seeking to optimize your lifestyle habits, find new clinicians for current health care needs, or you’re embarking on a new wellness journey, working with a functional health coach can provide you the structured, educated support you need.

As your personal advocate and mercury survivor myself, I am trained to help you identify and meet your unique needs by asking questions, gathering resources, and deeply listening to you as you go navigate complex health processes.

Chronic Illness Support

Gifted Trauma

You always knew more than everybody else and they hated you for it You hid your talents when they only brought you trouble You questioned

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Navigating chronic illness is emotionally draining, especially when you’re feeling sick. An educated ear and sounding board can help you decide what’s right for you so you can feel better. 

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